Lesbians and fucking in cars

My lesbian girlfriend and I were talking tonight, about deepest fantasies and desires, and I think it can safely be said, I love fucking in a car. I think it’s also a disturbing part of my persona, that I love fucking in a car, the hotter the car… the hotter the chica, especially if she drives it herself

I love chantelle’s fascination of fast cars and hot women . She’s like a bloke with tits, and I really do like that . My friends ask me if it makes me insecure, but actually it just made me horny !


I shouldn’t share everything she leaves for me, but some of it is so fucking sexy, and some so impossible not to share.


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I find a chick in a hot car such a fucking turn on , if she’s in a limousine even better, if she’s in an Audi , that’s pretty fucking hot, as long as she’s not being driven around like a princess. I love a hot chic to drive her own Audi . Someone driven round in a limo is also hot, but it just doesn’t compare to a woman who knows her stuff

Sometimes all I can think about is logging on here with my girlfriend, and fucking until the morning… I was shy once, but now I can show it off, and meet other similar lesbian couples, who like to show off live, it’s not something I think I should hide anymore. Actually, I’m pretty certain I had some point to place in the movement of your gay friend here. I was sticking up their situation a lot, a long time after I had moved away from it. And I did always think I tried him, and I’m sure he repaid the favour. View our Lesbian Mistress cams 

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Another fantasy of mine has been a threesome. As my girlfriend and I are both bi-sexual, showing off live on a webcam, usually to a man watching us, has turned us both on. We started to chat with another bi girl couple and got quite friendly with them. We were really exciting hearing their stories about fucking on webcam with other guys, and about how it had to lead them to get involved in real life in 3 ways, with two women and one guy. Now my girlfriend and I can’t stop talking about doing that too, and we’ve even been thinking about who to invite.

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We have quite a few male friends, a lot of whom are gay and wouldn’t fancy joining us, nor would we want them, but we do have a few guys in mind, who we know would be only too happy to join us. For example, my boss at work, I work in a hospital, and I know my boss is pretty hot for me, even though he knows I’m with a woman, I’m sure he suspects I’m bi-sexual, as he flirts with me a lot, and has even in the past made jokes about joining us for a 3way, and how he wishes his wife was bisexual so he could invite someone to join them.

When I found these three on the webcam site, I couldn’t wait to show my GF, and we have both spent some time with the 3 of them, albeit only on the webcam so far, but it has still been pretty sexy.

Their bodies are pretty fucking hot aren’t they and the ass on the ginger is amazing. I do love a good ass.  I’ve always been a big of an ass lover, but above all that, I’m definitely a lesbian lover, what can I say, I love a woman, so two together is even better. 

Girl on girl was always a remote fantasy, then it became something I checked in magazines, and then something I watched in porn, but never did I consider it would ever become something I could actually watch with real lesbians in real couples, making out, with and for me, that is a world away from what I was wanking over ten years ago. You can check out the lesbian cams here and watch kinky girls get active 

Sometimes after spending time with these lez girls on webcam, I can’t stop thinking about them for days or even weeks after, and wanking to the memories of them, until I can get back to see them again, it’s a shame I haven’t been able to get back to these three yet, but I can’t wait until I can.   The more experiences I have with the same couple, the more they seem to turn me on, it’s like we get to know each other, and with a lesbian couple, I doubt that would happen in real life, I’d never have that chance so this outlet is something unique and perfect and those lesbian webcams are going to drive me crazy for a long time I think.   Kinky shemale couple cams 

Hot or what! Look at that ass. We’re going to embark on looking for some more lesbian couples on the webcam who want to play with a guy ….. even though we can’t be that guy, we can bond and perhaps play together, or even share a guy. It’s so kinky but so hot, we can’t stop thinking about it.

Shemale couples webcam live – another fetish of mine, which I seem to be getting more hooked on by the day.