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I was chatting to lesbian friends, since my interest and somewhat vested interest regarding ironically my cock , for lesbians has grown , no pun intended.   I asked a good friend Sofia, to tell me about her first lesbian encounters.  Being a somewhat promiscuous lesbian and having known her since her teenage years, I figured she would be a great way to get some insight into first real time lez experiences, and I wasn’t wrong, she told me in absolute incredible detail, the good , the bad , and the ugly .   We went to high school together, and she knows that from the start , I’ve always had my eye on her, we’ve always been friends, but she’s hot, like super fucking hot, and she doesn’t look like a lesbian , and by that I mean , she doesn’t look like text book definition of a lesbian , not at all, she looks super feminine , and really elegant   , she’s also always been happy to share her feelings and thoughts with guys, most of whom are her close mates, and me, who is her best friend .  She was quite open to anything I asked her , and answered me with what seemed like complete honesty .  She asked two thing – one that I don’t tell our mutual friends what she’s sharing with me, and two – that I don’t expect her to fuck me.  I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed , but a deal’s a deal , and that’s one I can agree to .

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Me – Sofia, how old were you when you realised you like girls, and at what age would you have considered yourself a lesbian

Sofia- Well I have always known , I mean as soon as I could be attracted to anyone, and to be honest I do not know at what age that was, as it was young, but I knew I was attracted to women . I am not bi-sexual , so men do not turn me on .  I never felt there was anything wrong being attracted to women , only that I know I always was

Me- And at what age were your first Lesbian encounters, and by that I mean , when did you first act upon your feelings

Sofia – Well if you count by myself , home alone at night, while my parents were out , then I guess pretty young, but real interactive experiences came when I started to use the internet, and chat with other women .  At first it was a lot of webcam stuff.  Back in those days it was MSN and Yahoo chat .  Wow how times have changed.  I have a whole list , mainly every person on that list was a lesbian or bi woman , looking for girl on girl webcam action .  I’m shameless to say , I was more than willing to provide it, and I did on many occasions.

Me- And when did lesbian cybersex become real sex, or at least when did you find yourself a lez partner, be that for something casual or otherwise

Sofia – I was leaving high school when I had my first lesbian encounter.  We had actually met online, and she lived in a near by town to me, she was much older than I was, so I was surpriused she was interested.  She was very sexy .  Tall, brunette , long legs, huge tits and a beautiful hour glass figure, showing off her ass.  She didn’t look like what I’d assumed my first lesbian experience would look like . She was stunning, and feminine.  Now I know that the term is lipstick , but yes she was one through and through .  We met up to go shopping, but somehow shopping progressed to sex at her place, I think we both knew it was going to . We spent about 5 hours together , shopping, she tried on many outfits, and she looked sexy as fuck in all of them , I was trying to play it cool, trying to suggest which outfits she might prefer , but meanwhile , I was desperate to rip her clothes off, and have my first lesbian encounter.   Needless to say it happened, though earlier in the day , I had kind of hoped it was going to happen in a changing room

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She tried on a dress, and while taking it off to try on a smaller size, she fixated it over her head, her arms caught in the dress.  When I popped my head in to see how she was getting in , and caught her there in her knickers and bra, with her arms above her head, and the dress keeping her firmly attached like a prisoner.  I laughed and asked if she’s ok , she asked if I could pull the dress above her head.  Of course I willingly obliged, and removed her dress, to leave her standing there in only her bra and knickers .  At first she looked embarrassed, butt hen she smiled , seductively .  I asked her if she’d like to try a smaller size, and if she was sure, given that one was stuck on her … she sprang to her senses, and stopped staring at me so provocatively , but instead reassured me that a smaller size was what she was after .    As I went back out to find her one, I did wonder if this meant maybe we wouldn’t ever fuck .  I was wasting time wondering that , because as soon as I got her home, we fucked , and we fucked a lot, and most of it was initiated by her, the moment we fell through her doors … she couldn’t wait to strip me naked and start ripping off my clothes.   she told me , she’d always thought I was hot, that she could think about nothing else since I agreed to go shopping with her, that she often fantasied about my naked body …. After she had ripped off most my clothing, she urged me to get naked, by this point I was dripping wet , i wanted her but I was worried, I didn’t exactly know what to do with her, though I’m sure with her age and experience, she more than knew what to do with me, and she proved it in the moments to follow . After I removed what was left of the clothing she hadn’t removed, she pushed me back onto the sofa, spreading my legs, she buried her face in between my thighs.   I knew in that moment, I was sold, that was it , lesbian sex was for me , I never expected I would be logging onto lesbian webcam sites a few years down the line, but it is what it is , and I have no shame regarding this.    I love speaking to other lesbian couples, and I love doing that with my girl friend too . It’s so hot seeing how similar to us, and while it’s not always the case, when I’m horny , even our differences turn me on .  I will write in more details about my first lesbian sexual encounter .

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