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I can’t stop thinking about how I got off with these two sexy girls . At first I was hiding it from my girlfriend. I’m in a lesbian relationship myself, I didn’t think she would appreciate me watching what could be called porn . The beauty of these web camsite for us is , it’s not really porn , it’s far better. When I first started checking them out, I loved that it was real, that they were real people, other lesbians logging on to show off, just the same way we love to .  I want more live lesbian experiences .    I just can’t get enough of watching live lez shows , it’s my new weakness, my new addiction , but one I’m absolutely delighted to have found, it’s a great opportunity  for me to spend time with girls who never would normally be involved in my social circle.  Different life styles, and different worlds, but with the joy of these webcam sites, I can fill my fantasies, without changing my life .  We both love it now,  we’re both crazy for talking to other lesbian couples, and we’ve found they’re not used to chatting with lesbians online who are already in a relationship , so they usually get super hot for us, and for group chats, we love when a guy joins and goes absolutely crazy for us all . 

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We are seriously considering getting hosting accounts and showing ourselves off in the same way . We have been talking to a few of the lesbian and shemale couples we’ve had webcam sex with , and they have said we’d do really well if we started . It’s something to consider, we have talked about it ,but we have also agreed that for now, the freedom of logging on when we’re horny and choosing whoever we want to cum with , is really worth waiting for .

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I was watching these girls for about 6 months , before I even told my girlfriend that I was getting off to other people online. Actually , I tell a lie, I didn’t tell her, she found out when snooping through my PC . At first she was furious, then irritated, and then after snooping further, she started to get really turned on and told me that she wasn’t happy I’d lied about it, but that she did admit it was pretty hot, and she’d like to see more . That’s when everything changed for us . As a female gay couple, we have always been pretty open , especially about sex stuff . We are actually bi-sexual , so we’ve both had male partners before, and we both still like cock , but we’re in it for the long term now . When I showed my girlfriend live webcams with 2 girls and 1 guy , she couldn’t believe it . She’s never been turned on by porn before, she doesn’t like the orchestrated scripts and the non real feel to it , she also doesn’t like the fake setting, and somewhat faked orgasms . She and I both agree that watching lesbians on live cam is completely different, and we would know ! We can tell their orgasms are real, we can see them getting wetter and hotter, there’s no chance to pause the cam and re-take, like there is in the world of porn , when one scene conveniently fuzzes out to another, and as women , with over active imaginations, we don’t miss these things, we know or think we know, fine well what has gone in between the merging scenes . Watching live however removes all that speculation . We know we are sitting here watching them , talking with them , instructing them , and being instructed by them , turning them on , watching their pussies getting wet for us , and letting them watch us licking and fucking each other , and knowing that it’s all real . Knowing there’s no script because we’re there directing what we want, and taking everything in the direction we like . It really turns us on and we’re both converts .

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There’re a few lesbian webcam sites we have got hooked on , but these are some of our favourites, and as we’re not ready to start streaming yet , we’re going to review the couples we have online lesbian sex with , and share them with you here. A big part of our sex life has always been sharing, it really turns us on . This is why we love watching couples who love to share themselves like this, and if it’s a lesbian couple, then even better ! Obviously it’s something we relate to completely , however we’re starting to get really turned on by lesbians who have a man join them , even though it’s not something we have done yet , so we don’t relate on that level , we have had so many fantasies about it ,and started to buy more life like dildos to pretend we have a cock joining us . Watching 3 sums live is the next step to us doing it for real . We can’t wait. 🙂